Bleed White*

The First World War and the History of Technology

The department for the History of the Impact of Technology at the University of Stuttgart initiated an international educative project concerning the history of technology in the First World War during the winter semester of 2014/15.

Below the results of project groups, who provided educational material on the history of technology in the First World War, are presented. It was the aim of this project to train students in handling the new-media and to support teachers in their work at the same time – hence to encourage the occupation with this complex and multidimensional field of research.


The Industrialized Cripple
(University of Stuttgart)
About the Project
Military pilots in the First World War
(Helmut Schmidt University Hamburg)
Submarine Warfare and the First World War
(Julius Maximilians University of Würzburg)
Technology & Science in the First World War – The Soldier at the Western Front
(Dresden University of Technology)

* Chief of staff Erich von Falkenhayn legitimated his tactic in the Battle of Verdun by saying, it had been his aim to let the enemy bleed white or bleed to death. (vgl.: Jessen, O.: Verdun 1916: Urschlacht des Jahrhunderts. München, 22014, S. 220, 359; Falkenhayn, E.v.: Die Oberste Heeresleitung 1914-1916 in ihren wichtigsten Entschließungen. Berlin, 1920. S. 199.)


"Bild: Vom Taures-Wald (nörtlich von Douaumont) zeugen nurmehr wenige Baumstümpfe" by Unknown - Der Weltkrieg im Bild. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.

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