History of Science & Technology

Director: Professor Dr. Klaus Hentschel. The section for Science and Technology (GNT) was established during the transformation of the former polytechnic to the University of Stuttgart in 1968. Student Advisor is PD Dr. Beate Ceranski.

Some research topics include comparative history of science and technology,  visual cultures in science and technology, research technologies and materials science, history of universities, invisible hands in research practice, gender history; prosopographics  & digital humanities, esp. databases

Grinding maschine for lenses, drafted by Descartes  (woodcut, 1668) (c)
Grinding maschine for lenses, drafted by Descartes (woodcut, 1668)

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Section for History of Science and Technology (GNT)
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Further information

The section for  Science and Technology (GNT) was founded during the extension of the former polytechnic  to the University of Stuttgart in 1968.
The section is guided by Professor Dr. Klaus Hentschel. Student Advisor is  PD Dr. Beate Ceranski. We offer our own bachelor and promotion program in History of Science and Technology together with the section for the History of the Impact of Technology (WGT) since 2012. Aligned with the bachelor program there are interdisciplinary master programs for further choices in Cultures of Knowledge and Digital Humanities in Stuttgart.

Get access to our program information at studium.org

Many courses of GNT not only are qualified for students of major and subsidiary subjects but for covering non-technological certificates and key skill modules respectively, guest auditors as well as for general studies (Studium Generale). Take further details from our commented university calendar

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