Institute of History

Research and Teaching, both in History and in the History of Science and Technology

The Institute of History offers the whole range of the science of history across all periods in its teaching. Further core themes are south-western German regional history, history of natural sciences and technology as well as history of the impact of technology, all of which use an epoch-spanning and comparative approach. The institute’s seven departments carry out research at the highest level. Moreover, the institute is involved in the study program Digital Humanities as well as in the interdisciplinary study program Cultures of Knowledge M.A.


The study of history equips students with professional skills and key qualifications which are in demand for many lines of work. Apart from teaching history at high schools, historians can find work in journalism, cultural management, archives, libraries, museums and in the free economy sector, among other things.




University of Stuttgart: Institute of History - Director´s Office

Keplerstr. 17, D-70174 Stuttgart, Secretary: Eva Hoffmann M.A., Floor 8a, Room 8.023

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